Logo P3 Sports onlyP3 Sports Entertainment was established with the main focus towards providing a unique assortment of projects to enhance the development and exposure for players to achieve their dreams and advance to the OHL, QMJHL, NCAA, CIAU and ultimately the NHL.    We have a wealth of hockey insight, experience and dedication of Hockey from the grass roots of development to the Show.  We also created a consortium to build a major spectator arena.  Please see below for details.



Mississauga – in 1996 Linda Pinizzotto, Founder of P3 Sports Entertainment and well known Real Estate Agent created a consortium of high power corporate firms for the development of a 70 Million Dollar Major Spectator Sports and Entertainment Facility and Arena which would house an Ontario Hockey League (OHL) franchise.  The first of its kind with a win win situation for the City to involve a Public-Private Ownership.  The development would involve 70 acres of land, a major spectator arena with 3 additional community rinks, a sports complex, hotel, baseball and soccer fields and a major hotel chain.  The site included a stream of winter garden’s collonade, forest canopy with trails for jogging, vita par-cour, leisure walks “keukenhof” style and an entertainment terrace.  The future bridge would link to a public gardens and another ice complex directly across the street.  This site involved a fountain of pools for the summer transforming to community skating ice rinks in the winter.  Visual Axis to the site from major highways 403 and 410 were an added benefit. 

Linda believed that her business and sports connections along with her real estate knowledge would be enough to create a Consortium to prepare a submission of interest for this project.  She created P3 Sports Entertainment and was then able to convince Macklin Hancock of Project Planning and Mike McGee of Leisure Management in Houston Texas to join forces and prepare a submission to be presented to the City of Mississauga.   

The submission and design was to enhance the identity and international image of the City of Mississauga, Ontario – Canada.  The consortium created a WIN-WIN situation with the concept of creating Public Shares which was to be  arrange by Richard Devenney of Keyser Mason Ball.  Mr. Mike McGee, Chairman of the Board for LMI, Leisure Management International accepted the position of Management company for the Complex and Sports Venues to team up with the Entertainment side with P3 Sports. 

Scott Abbot, Founder of Trivial Pursuit agreed to the ownership of the Mississauga OHL Franchise in the event that Mississauga received approval from the OHL.  P3 Sports would join in with a part ownership.  Douglas Kilner, President of Orlando Corporation were negotiation with P3 Sports to build the $30,000,000 Arena complex at cost because they were keen on working with the City of Mississauga on the Heartland Property.                  

  •   P3 Sports Entertainment
  •   Project Planning – Macklin Hancock
  •   LMI – Leisure Management International
  •   Keyser Mason and Ball – Richard Devenney 
  •   Scott Abbott – Founder of Trivia Pursuit
  •   Ernst & Young  &  Con-Drain  Constrada
  •   The Orlando Corporation 


Leisure Management International began operations in 1986 and is one of the premier management companies in the industry.  A partnership of four well-known industry leaders, these joint owners represent a combination of industry experience, business acumen and financial resources that are unique in the industry.  Together these business leaders’ resources stretch in excess of $1 billion.  Chairman of the Board – Mike McGee, H. Wayne Huizenga – Chairman of the Board, CEO and Stockholder of Huizenga Holdings, Inc. (Blockbuster Entertainment), Douglas Schnitzer – CEO and founding partner partner of Senterra Development and Morton Cohn – Founder of Houston Warner Cable Franchise and Cash America.  LMI as an industry leader is the firm representing NHL Nashville Arena and several other major spectator arenas with well over 20,000 seating capacity throughout the United States.

The main stream of this proposal was a private/public partnership and a WIN-WIN Public company with shares available for Mississauga Residents.   

 Illustrative Concept shown below: 


1. Major Spectator Arena & Entertainment Complex                                             9.  Sports Complex

2.  Entertainment Terrace                                                                                           10.  Collonade

3. Fountains / Pools                                                                                                    11.  Winter Garden

4.  Pool / Skating Rink                                                                                                 12.  Tennis Complex

5.  Terraced Court / Park                                                                                              13.  Hotel

6.  Future Bridge Linking Iceland & Public Gardens                                             14.  Sports Park (Soccer & Baseball)

7.  Parking                                                                                                                     15.  Forest Trails, Jogging, Leisure Walks                     

8.  Ice Pads                                                                                                                    16.  Spatial Planting

16.  Spatial Planting                                                                                                     17.  Visual Axis


While selling Real Estate, Linda made a name for herself in the Hockey World as the first female General Manager in Junior hockey.  Linda believed it was important to give back to the hockey world so she created P3 Sports Entertainment.   Click to continue



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