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Excellent exposure for Condo Owners Association on Yelp

It will create better awareness to the general public. Home Owners do not realize how important it is to have a Condo Owners Association to advocate, represent and protect Condo Owners and Condominium Corporations. We have a multitude of new construction not just province wide, but country and world wide. The demographics of many City Skylines are changing to incorporate high multi family dwellings of condominiums no longer at 20 storeys but ...

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Rethink Risk

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AGF Investment website and wanted to share it with you

Please click on this link:×360&WT.mc_id=YOUTUBE-PRE-TRUEVADV-RR-042014


It touches so many key questions

1)  Can I lose money in a short period of time?

2)  Will I have enough money for retirement?

3)  Can I lose money on my fixed income investments?

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